Coinbetter: Keep an eye on investment institutions

Coinbetter: Keep an eye on investment institutions

In 2021, the growth momentum of DeFi maintained, and the value of locked positions will continue to reach new highs. New trends such as GameFi, Metaverse, and NFT will continue to become popular, and many brands, companies and investment institutions will enter the market one after another. After the downturn in 2020, the blockchain industry investment and financing market finally rebounded in 2021. The number of investment and financing in the first half of the year alone has exceeded that of the whole of 2020.

Today, these investment institutions already occupy an extremely important position in the cryptocurrency circle and play a pivotal role in the market.

On the occasion of the Year of the Tiger, Coinbetter deliberately took stock of some of the current well-known investment institutions users benefit. (names not listed in order)

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)

Institutional introduction: He has invested in well-known projects such as Facebook, Groupon, Skype, Twitter, Zynga, Foursquare, etc. He is one of the most dazzling stars in the entire Internet investment industry. After Coinbase went public, a16z became its second-largest shareholder with a 14.8% stake, making it the biggest outside winner. In addition, a16z has also invested in several blockchain star projects such as Uniswap, MakerDAO, Compound, Dapper Labs, Arweave, Optimism, Solana, etc., which has become the vane of cryptocurrency investment. Today’s a16z, the size of the crypto fund exceeds 3 billion US dollars. High attention and strong appeal.

Investment case: According to statistical data, the number of coins that a16z has invested in and has launched is 63, far ahead of other institutions in terms of quantity. Among them, investing in AXS can achieve a maximum increase of 20,240%; investing in MATIC, achieving a maximum increase of 12,469%; investing in SOL, achieving a maximum increase of 12,966%.

DCG (Digital Currency Group)

Institution introduction: Not only has three well-known subsidiaries of Grayscale, CoinDesk and Genesis, but also has invested in more than 100 blockchain companies in more than 30 countries around the world, and has been active in many blockchain investment institutions all year round. first place. Blockchain startup incubator, parent company of Coindesk and Grayscale, is an investment firm focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain industries, with a portfolio of more than 100 companies. It has strong financial strength. A number of commercial and capital giants, including MasterCard, Bain Capital, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and New York Life Insurance, have provided sufficient funds, while helping DCG expand its investment map on a global scale. .

Different from other investment company styles, DCG hardly involves in token projects, and they specialize in investing in blockchain infrastructure. And DCG’s investment logic can be summed up in 12 words: get ahead, cast fishing nets, and buy out the track.

Investment case: According to the information on DCG’s official website, more than 160 projects have been invested in the past few years. Different from other institutions, DCG invests most in trading platforms, accounting for 18%, followed by payment solutions, network infrastructure, identity and compliance, etc. For example, Coinbase, BitPay and Ripple.

Three Arrows Capital

Institutional introduction: It is an encrypted hedge fund founded by Su Zhu and Kyle Davies. It was established in 2012. It is a hedge fund investment company focusing on the blockchain field. Today, Three Arrows Capital currently holds more than 6.26% of the shares of GBTC, with more than 21 million shares and more than 20,230 bitcoins, it is a giant in the cryptocurrency world. One of its founders, Su zhu, is very active on Twitter and has a certain influence.

Investment case: In 2021, Three Arrows Capital’s portfolio is second only to a16z, but it accounts for 82% of DeFi projects, or about 24. Among them, AXS performed very well, with a maximum increase of 20,240%.

Multicoin Capital

Institutional introduction: Multicoin Capital is a theory-driven crypto fund investing in tokens that reshape all sectors of the global economy. Multicoin meticulously researches blockchain protocols, teams, and market opportunities to provide venture capital economics with public market liquidity. Since its inception in May 2017, Multicoin has quickly gained a reputation for being forward-thinking and independent. Multicoin is known for pioneering token economic models and valuation methods that challenge long-standing assumptions that the crypto ecosystem takes for granted. As a crypto-native fund, Multicoin combines the aggressive style of a public market manager with the risk-taking style of venture capitalists and their tech-obsessed attitude. Multicoin also provides substantial value through native cryptographic methods to create long-term, sustainable unicorns.

As a theme-driven investment institution, Multicoin has identified three major investment themes in the cryptocurrency field, which are roughly in order of development: Open Finance, Web3, and Borderless Currency.

Investment case: In 2021, Multicoin Capital has invested in 24 projects that have been launched, with the main direction being DeFi and public chain projects. Among them, the highest increase in the invested projects is 12966% SOL.

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