FINTOCH Advice: Principle is Key in a Bear Market

DeFi in its bull run used to generate over one thousand percent of Annual Percentage Yield. As bear market seeps in and goes deeper, the crowd is way over the frenzy around high APY.  #Real yield as a new DeFi narrative has been getting people’s attention. DeFi users have been leaning towards protocols whose yield is returned not in its native token but in mainstream assets like ETH or stablecoins.

FINTOCH Advice: Principle is Key in a Bear Market

As the sector develop and mature, DeFi is no longer about Ponzi and hypes. The gap between user’s knowledge and the field is narrowing, and the market has been scrutinizing harder than ever whether the protocol is sustainable in the long run. Fintoch pays close attention to the market trends and user needs.


The Fintoch loan financing function is calculated daily and seamlessly achieves high returns. Other than providing a high return, there is also full protection or coverage for the lenders when it comes to loan financing. Borrowers are required to pay 50% of the deposit and the short-term loan can only be invested in DEX (decentralized trading platform) granted by Fintoch.

FINTOCH Advice: Principle is Key in a Bear Market

In addition, Fintoch has been stressing how security has been an essential component during investing and wallet surveillance.


With that said, the short term loan financing strategy has set up liquidation conditions, whenever the borrowing time is up or the deposit is about to run out, it will be automatically cleared by the smart contract system, and the said money or fund will be withdrawn from DEX and returned to the lender to ensure that their interests are not compromised.

FINTOCH Advice: Principle is Key in a Bear Market

In terms of wallet surveillance, Fintoch has been proud of its R&D outcome – HyBriid, which was recently upgraded to HyBriid 2.0. Whenever a user borrows funds, 10 nodes are randomly selected from 100 supervisory nodes, and a supervisory node secret key will be generated through zero-knowledge proof encryption. The secret key is then used with the borrower and the platform to create a multi-signature lending contract wallet.


The funds in the multi-signature lending contract wallet are authorized by all three parties, and the borrower must obtain authorization from at least two parties to transfer funds from the multi-signature lending contract wallet to a FINTOCH-granted DEX or cross-chain bridge for investment.


Principle is key in a bear market. It’s time stop chasing after the high APY and turn to protocol’s that has a clear strategy in investment and user fund protection. At Fintoch blockchain financial platform, we offer a suit of service for just that!



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